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Having a tour

You don’t need something in particular. We just suggest you wearcomfortable shoes and charge your phone. Some itineraries have audio guides, so bring your headphones with you.

Whenever you want! It isn’t necessary to book anything, you can decide when have a tour, even in the night! The code of the tour doesn’t have an “expiring date”, that’s why you can go right after you purchased a tour or, for example, after a year.

Groups of up 5 people. We don’t suggest you have an excursion in a group with more than 5 people, otherwise someonecan lose the interest.

During a tour you can take a break and continue when you want.

Get your tasks and find them.As soon as you get to the right place, the app will show you what to do next. If you are not able to find the place, use the compass: it will indicate you the right direction and how many meters you need to walk.

Search for the answers to the questions around the city. If you correctly answer to the questions, the app will show you the next event. In case you don’t know the answer to a question, or you give the wrong answer, click on the button “Skip Event”, or help yourself with the tips.

Anytime you can learn about excursion or learn how to use the app.

Before having a quest-tour, be sure that your GPS is connected in the settings both of your phone and of the app. Sometimes the app itself invites you to connect the GPS during the first access.

Recommendation for iOS devices:

  1. Check you were given the authorization to use your localization and to receive notifications: Settings-> Surprise Me -> Localization ->always, and Notifications->enable notifications.
  2. Also, check that the “Update of contents” in the settings of Surprise Me is active.
  3. Be sure to be outside, satellites need to see you as well as you see them when you look at the sky.
  4. If you are in an area with wifi connection, take advantage of it to find better your localization. Your device will automatically remember coordinates and where it has found the network; That’s why using a wifi connection is faster and more practicalto get notifications about your localization.
  5. Try to be in the place, that you think to be the most similar to the one described in the quest-tour, for more than 30 seconds: sometimes iOS analyses your movements a long while, that’s why it needs more time to understand in which part of the area you are and where you have to go next.

Tour development

You don’t need to check the process of the quest-excursion, if you indicate its place or time, since it would be automatic.

Moreover, you can indicate both the place and the time of the event at the same time. This is necessary if you don’t want a participant to your excursion, for example a movie session, to be late at all. But, if the participant arrives to the event earlier than expected, he can anyway go to the next event, and questions about further actions won’t arise for him. You don’t have to worry for the participant to deviate the route.

While you are workingon a new event specify you want to add them the conditions of its occurrence “After answering to the question”

In this case the next event will occur only if you correctly answer to the questions of the previous event.

Use pictures, animations, audio file and texts and show the right answer in the lower unit/in the unit in the bottom.

You can opt for an only right answer, or ask to the user to enter the correct answer, by writing all the possible options of the right answer.

Here some examples of correct answers: “tour”, “tours”, “excursion”. The system will recognize these answers as correct; this is so practical, since you can write the answer in different ways.

Using open-ended questions, it’s possible to add some suggestions/tips and penalty points that can be used during the quest-excursion. The suggestions will be shown sequentially while they are being used.

Yes, you can.

You can create it from your personal computer, but also from the app on your phone in real time. The practical mobile version of the workspace will help you to indicate the place of the event with an accuracy of 20 meters and to include in the quest-tour pictures and audio files at once.

In case your excursion has already been bought, but you notice a mistake, then the participants have to delete the excursion from the app and download it again with the same code.

Yes, catch the event and move it in the desired order. Take into account that the events will be reset, so that you can create a new logic for your tour.

Yes, you can. Specify it in the conditions of the event in the section “After answering to the question” and choose an answer between the options. In case a question has received an answer is missing, then there will be a button to go to the next event.For example, you can create the button “next”.

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