Service offer for Suppliers

      • All the contact-info, offered to the Users and to the Provider, is used only to offer services in the working framework of Surprise Me and is not available for third-party/others.
      • Surprise Me can block the access for both the User and the Provider, in case they violate/breach its working rules.
      • Surprise Me doesn’t bear any responsibility for the information and quality of the services offered by the User or the Provider, limiting the possibility to register/log in of User comments on the page of the corresponding service Provider. These comments are available for all Users. Through the comments it’s possible to (DA FINIRE)
      • In case of negative review for the quality of the service offered by the Provider, Surprise Me can decline the rating of the Provider or block the Provider (NON HO CAPITO IL SENSO)
      • Both the Users and service Providers mustn’t violate moral or legal rules. The use of non-normative vocabulary is forbidden.
      • The site “” is safe/protected from hacking or from unauthorized access through modern tools (o software??). Nevertheless “” doesn’t guarantee the absence of risks of interception of?? during their transfer.
      • The payment system bears the responsibility for the acceptance and the processing of entire payment.
      • The Limited Liability Company “Surprise Me”, a legal entity according to the legal system of Russian Federation, is the owner of the site “”, of the logo and of the trademark.
      1. MAIN THEMES:
        • Surprise Me (, “Surprise Me” ltd) – is a platform to create and lead interactive quest-tours.
        • Surprise Me doesn’t deal directly with the organization of excursions or other touristic services, but restricts itself only to offer the access to information for the user, who is requiring that information.
        • Suppliers of services are obliged to pay a remuneration/compensation for services provided, in order to stipulate a contract.
        • Entering toSurprise Me, you agree with specific rules of the service and you are obliged to absolutely adhere tofully implement.



      Who provides the services is: guides, individuals, tour operator and companies, touristic offices, further touristic online services, etc.

      • Registration to the site is free for service Providers. During the registration/loggingyou must fill the next fields:
      • Name, Last name;
      • E-mail to sing in to the service and to get notifications about the payment for a specific service as well;
      • Telephone number, to communicate efficiently with the service Provider;
      • City in which the service is provided ((илинесколько)
      • Language of service
        • The service Provider mustn’t place his own information (telephone number, email, skype, site address, and other information) in the text, on the pictures or in other facilities.
        • The Providers mustn’t publish sexual contents.
        • The Providers must support relevance of content and the quality/the operation of the excursion during the period of selling of the excursion.
        • Service Provider has no right to delete contents from the site, until that content is on sale (on the site), without a formal request to the manager of the site (domandaaigestori del sito).
        • Service Provider has the right to publish/to share the excursion on other sites.
        • In case the answer to the User request is positive, the Service Provider has to offer/to provide the requested services with compliance for
        • Service Provider is responsible for granting/for the provision of paying services. The service isn’t responsible eitherfor the obligationsof the service Provider, or for the quality of the services provided.
        • When the user claim about the quality of the service (provided), Surprise Me doesn’t pay off the commission of the service Provider. Nevertheless, Surprise Me can report/refere that claim to the Provider to make a mutual/reciprocal decision for the user compensation.
        • Once the user has bought the service, the service Provider agrees/accept to get 30% of the price of the excursion, after the Service has deduct a commission from 2.5-3% the payment system.
          • The Service pays a commission when the Provider/author brings a client in, and if this client buys an excursion. The method of transaction (chosen) needs to be included on the Provider profile The Provider has to include the method of transaction he has chosen on his profile,in the filed “Requirements to get money”.
          • The service offer to the Provider/author information about the income, (which) the Service got through the payment of the users in realtime on your personal page on the site Surprise Me.
          • The amount of the commission is 30% of the service price, afterthe Service payment system has deduct the commission, the partner commission,and promotional code to get a discount.
          • The customer offers/provides to the executor information about the income, which is gotten by the customer through the transaction of the executor on the site in real time and on the customer’s personal profile/page.
          • The payment/payout of the commission for the Provider occurs every month in 10 working days, after the Provider has sent a request of payment through a non-cash transfer.
          • In casethe sum of the commission of the service Provider is lower than 500 rubles in/per a month, Surprise Me has the right to execute the payment whenthe amount accumulated of the commission exceed 500 rubles, but occasionally once a year.
          • Transaction methods for Russian service Provider:
        • Through credit card of any bank. Bank commission will be paid by the Provider;
        • Through your telephone number (any sum, without commission). Include on your profile: telephone number, on which you have to transfer your money/cash;
        • Through PayPal (commission amount is 3.5%);
        • Through the account Epayments.


      2.12.1 If the user ask  Surprise Me to have the money back for the low-quality excursion, then Surprise Me, once has listened to both the User and the Provider, decides the addressee of the refund. If the User, for a good reason, is unsatisfied, then the Provider is not obliged to pay the commission for the low-quality service. In case the commission/remuneration has been paid, then the Provider must pay for the full price of the excursion, with the commission of Surprise Me included.

      2.12.2 All the other circumstances left, regarding the refunds, are subject of the Return Policy, described in the section “Terms”.


      3.1  The Providers are not allowed to publish/sharethe right of use, which belongs to others/third party (pictures, advertising material), on their own page or on the service-info section. This is required for logos and trademark as well.

      3.2  Surprise Me isn’t responsible for the use of the material (pictures, information, etc.), belonging to third-party/others, by the service Provider. In case materials are identified as possession of third party/others, under request of the ownerSurprise Me will block immediately this information.

      3.3  All the information received from/by the Provider,regarding the services offered, are possession of the latter.

      3.4  All further information (pictures, text, etc) are possession of Surprise Me. An unauthorized spread of information, belonging to Surprise Me, without a written agreement – is not allowed.

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