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Hidden wonders of St.Petersburg: Gostiny Dvor

Discover a lesser-known Saint Petersburg and its hard-to-find spots

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It seems that St. Petersburg has fewer and fewer unexplored spots. But this diverse city is full of surprises! Just in 2 hours, our self-guided tour will show you Saint Petersburg from the local perspective. It is a city that exists behind the historical facades. And as you will see, even in the most famous area near Gostiny Dvor there is far more discover beyond Nevsky Prospect.

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Nevsky Prospect metro station

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2 hours

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2,5 km

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— Unique Triple Bridge in Europe
— Museum with soviet slot machines
— Italian courtyard
— You will move a stone weighing more than 700 kg!
— Monuments to the cutest janitor of the city, to the first photographer of Russia and cats that saved the city during World War II
— and other hotspots of St. Petersburg!

Start at Nevsky Prospect metro station

Author of the tour

Tat'yana Изучаю греческий, углубляюсь в историю любого города, в какой бы не приехала

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Popular questions answered

How self-guided tours work?
The app will be your personal guide. With help of GPS the app will guide you along the route, show authentic places and tell stories about it. In some tours you will find simple quizes to get learn about the city like in game.
What is different from a guided tour or guidebook?
Unlike a guided tour, you do not depend on anyone. You can pause or go from the route and stop for an aperol at the bar. This is not just a list of places with descriptions, but a well-prepared route with interactive content that make you to interact with the city.
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No, the tour is downloaded to the app and works offline. It stays with you even after you finish it, so you can share your impressions with friends.
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The tour can be started at any time after purchase, it remains with you forever
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You pay for the whole tour, not the person. Travel alone or with up to 5 people using up to two phones.

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Hidden wonders of St.Petersburg: Gostiny Dvor
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Hidden wonders of St.Petersburg: Gostiny Dvor
Discover a lesser-known Saint Petersburg and its hard-to-find spots

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