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How self-guided tours work

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Authentic walking tours

All tour are created by locals

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Discover new places while answering quizzes and completing tasks

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The capital of Germany

Modern Berlin resembles a hodgepodge of medieval architectural monuments and new-fashioned steel skyscrapers. Its appearance reflects the centuries-old history of the city, which for almost 900 years managed to visit both the royal residence and the capital of Nazi Germany.

Despite the massive destruction of the Second World War and the subsequent division into two parts, Berlin was able to rise from the ashes. Today it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a lot of historical places that attract millions of tourists every year.

What to see in Berlin?

If you have not previously been on a city tour of Berlin, you should start with it. The program of bus and pedestrian routes includes such famous sights as the Berlin Cathedral, the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Church, the Berlin TV Tower with an excellent viewing platform in the historic center on Alexanderplatz, the Reichstag building, the Berlin Wall and, of course, the main symbol of the capital - the Brandenburg Gate on Paris Square.

If you have enough time, you can visit a couple of museums, which the capital of Germany is famous for. Art lovers can buy a special museum card, which is valid for three days. On it you can get to almost any exhibitions that take place on the museum island and the Cultural Forum.

Excursions by Surprise Me

If you are accustomed to trust not a guide, but a guidebook, and prefer individual or independent excursions, you will have to taste the new format of acquaintance with Berlin. Service Surprise Me offers to plunge into the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries of the ancient capital, having gone to the fascinating quest around the city alone or in the company of friends.

Buy an interactive tour through the mobile application, having previously accessed the site. The price of the quest does not exceed the cost of a standard group excursion, and the impressions from it will be simply stunning! The routes are made up by local residents, seasoned with unique stories and information that you will not find in the guidebooks. Go on a quest adventure with Surprise Me!

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