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How self-guided tours work

The largest city of the Czech Republic, lying on the banks of Vlatva, is a convenient starting point for travel around the country. This pearl of Central Europe is famous for its medieval sights, cozy beer, Gothic architecture, impregnated with a mystical atmosphere.

The main points of the guide

Prague experienced the Second World relatively quietly, so the lion's share of the historical places could be preserved almost in its original form. The city center is listed in UNESCO. It is here that traditional routes of walking tours around the city take place, which include places known all over the world:

- Charles Bridge, 520 meters long, along which the Royal Route passed;

- Prague Castle with presidential residence, surrounded by a fortified wall;

- Fortress Vyšehrad, from the walls of which opens a delightful panorama with a spectacular view of the river;

- The Old Town Square, where coronations, executions, insurrections and many other significant events took place.

As part of individual guided tours accompanied by guides you can enjoy the beauties of Petřín Hill, learn the secrets and mysteries of the Jewish city, visit the noisy Wenceslas Square or go to one of the medieval Prague castles.

Unusual excursions from Surprise Me

If you prefer self-guided tours that allow you to make your own impression of the life of the city outside the traditional hiking trails, we recommend buying quests around the city from Surprise Me. They are real trips with exciting tasks that you can accomplish alone or with friends at any convenient time.

The cost of author's excursions depends on their theme, duration and route. Choose options to your liking in the application and book interactive excursions, from which you will take your breath away.

The most creative Surprise Me offers a new unique opportunity to become a real screenwriter. With our mobile application for free you can create your own routes, which you can give to your friends or friends on your birthday.

Unforgettable adventures are waiting for you!

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