About us

Surprise Me is a service for creating and passing interactive routes around the world. We strive to make trips more accessible, and rest is more interesting, offering unusual excursions in various cities of the world.

We help



To take self-guided tours from local experts at any time with the help of our mobile app



 To earn money on unique tours, creating routes in the Surprise Me studio



 To organize hundreds of tours simultaneously and reduce their cost to 1,5 euro

Why we do it

We adore travelling

We are young and ambitious. We love to travel and share the most unusual routes with travellers. We want to improve the market of independent tourism.

Prospective market

According to experts, by the 2018 year, 80% of tourists became independent. At the same time, the share of payment online also increases. The development tendency of independent tourism is observed all over the world, we have much to grow.

Who we are

Alexander Golovatiy


Everyone wants to become a Christopher Columbus while travelling. Discovering new ways and sharing them can turn from a hobby into a business of life.

Stanislav Petriakov


Our life is a game. Therefore, I add the game mechanisms for the excursions in the mobile app.

Kirill Chernakov


In the era of technology, boring excursions are not allowed. The point is not in the content but in its presentation.

Dimitri Shuvalov


I create a constructor of routes, as long as you create routes in the constructor.

Elina Andrianova


Travel, tell, inspire others and travel again.

Pavel Porohniya

Marketing analyst

I help to bring new emotions.

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